Results Oriented Reporting

Think of the last training session your sales team attended. 

  • What did your team members learn? 
  • What did they buy-in to? 
  • What did they apply to their territory? 
  • What skills did they improve? 
  • What follow-up coaching did they receive from management? 
  • And, most importantly, what results did they achieve because of the training?
Most distributors answer "I don't know" to these questions because they have no process in place to actually measure and improve employee productivity.  4th Generation Systems provides easy access to the information you need to measure, evaluate, and coach your team's performance throughout the entire Driving Sales Beyond process.  With our proprietary reporting tools you can:

  • Access and print reports that capture real time data for easy reference during coaching sessions and team meetings.
  • Access statistical summaries of your group's participation, activity and learning progress
  • Observe areas that may need reinforcement
  • View actual Challenge submissions turned in by your team, and observe each individual's ability to apply what they've learned to their "real world" territory, customers, and opportunities.
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Our new book published by the National Association of Wholesalers provides your roadmap of best practices for leading a high performance sales culture. 

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