Application Challenges

"The businesses that learn the fastest and apply learning to work will win." - Jack Welch

Improved performance requires that learners use their new knowledge and skills on the job.  How will they make that transfer?  Each Driving Sales Beyond learning module concludes with an assignment or Challenge, that calls on participants to apply what they’ve learned to a real sales or management opportunity in their area of responsibility.

This on the job application:

  • Allows learners to prove to themselves and their managers that they can use their newly acquired knowledge, skills and tools
  • Gives them guided practice in taking the plunge with something new
  • Provides them with time and opportunity to reflect on the process, how it fits in with their work, and possible adaptations that might enhance results
The Challenge process consists of three steps:

  1. At the conclusion of each module, learners respond to a scenario that requires use of the newly learned material.  Each learner submits an entry for 4th Generation Systems' review.
  2. We then post selected responses for review by all course participants.  
  3. Participants rate the posted submissions, comment on them and often suggest improvements that "tweak" a good idea into a great solution!
By guiding the application of knowledge, 4th Generation Systems supplies the necessary but often missing link that connects “what I know” with “what I do.”

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