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Can’t seem to come up with a solution for a customer?  Looking for a novel way to demonstrate your value?  Want to see how others have dealt with sales reps who refuse to adopt a “team” approach?

Our Peers Coaching Peers Collaboration Corner allows participants to solicit the help of others or share their own insights and experience on a 24/7 basis.  Allowing learners to tap in to the vast experience of their colleagues, the Collaboration Corner:

  • Sustains learning before and after live classroom sessions
  • Invites interaction that frequently yields help
  • Empowers each team member to contribute to the learning of others.
  • Captures knowledge and experiences that illustrate best practices
For example, a sales representative covering a territory in Raleigh, NC may consider sponsoring a focus group that hosts six or seven key customers as a way to understand their perspectives on their industry, market challenges, trends and present needs.  "Who should facilitate the meeting?" he wants to know.  "What kind of agenda is most valuable, and how can we best position the invitation so that it yields positive response?"

An inside sales rep from the Seattle office may have orchestrated just such a meeting last year.  "We used a third party facilitator," she explains, "but we also had a couple of our own senior executives present at times, which communicated to the customers that they were important -- I'll e-mail you a copy of the invitation we sent out . . ."

Through collaboration, these two and others participate in a dialogue that not only shares information, but also fosters an environment of growth and teamwork.

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