Strategic Classroom Training

90% of all distributor training efforts take the form of "injection" type training, a shot of knowledge delivered through a single classroom session.  Without follow-through, commitment or practice, however, this hit and run approach has little lasting impact.

4th Generation Systems is committed to making a real difference with a series of strategic classroom events, each with its own purpose:

Session 1:  Launch - Buy In
With world-class facilitation, we generate enthusiasm, focus and buy-in from your sales team for (1) the direction and strategies of your executive management, and (2) the means for achieving those goals, Driving Sales Beyond, our platform for learning.  Participants leave this session:

  1. Understanding their responsibilities for growth and improvement. 
  2. Equipped with an in-depth plan to develop their skills over the upcoming months
  3. Assured of coaching assistance
  4. Knowing that they will be called on in a later session to demonstrate the results of their growth.

Session 2:  Refocus
Generating meaningful results requires commitment and concentration over a period of time.  Midway into the learning program we meet again with your group to focus on their progress.  Our facilitation creates an atmosphere of purpose and commitment, and clarifies issues that may have surfaced through implementation.  Participants:

  1. Review their progress
  2. Assesses current challenges and opportunities
  3. Realign their efforts

Session 3:  Accountability
It's not about training . . . it's all about results.  You have invested in the growth of your people.  This third session demonstrates your return on investment.  Here we place the accountability for results where it belongs - with the learners.  They take this opportunity to demonstrate their own growth, skill development, and improved sales results.  Because your people understand this requirement up-front, this concluding session serves as a catalyst for motivating them to achieve optimal results.

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