Managing & Leading The Distributor Sales Team
Course Curriculum       

Doing what is right rather than what is easy is what separates our clients from all other distributors.  They understand, developing self-reliant performers requires an investment of not just dollars, but more importantly time, focus, and commitment.

Review the nine month sales management curriculum below and see how the deeper value delivered with our Sustained Learning Platform can become the catalyst you have searched for, to drive your sales beyond what the market is prepared to give.

Live Webinar
We provide executive and sales management the needed direction to drive their sales beyond market averages. Discussions surround the changing role of sales managers, and developing plans for leading, motivating, challenging and rewarding sales team members.

Management Objectives
Online learning & collaboration
By itself, revenue generation is an incomplete indicator of sales performance.  The Driving Sales Beyond Management System reveals twelve objectives that managers should use to accurately assess sales activity.  Also examining the five fundamental needs of salespeople, Driving Sales Beyond, puts management systems into place that ensure those needs are met.

Building the Team
Online learning & collaboration
Failure is guaranteed if managers don't have the right people on the team.  Driving Sales Beyond teaches recruitment as an ongoing process based on the truth that:  If the only time you look for sales professionals is when you need sales professionals, you will always have substandard sales professionals.

Online learning & collaboration
Ineffective sales managers spend more days in the office and at meetings than they do in the field, developing the skills of their sales teams.  In contrast, the world’s top producing sales managers make the development of their people A-priority; devoting 60-80 percent of their time coaching, training, and teaching skills that improve sales performance.  Driving Sales Beyond examines the coaching function as one-on-one skill-building, directly tied to increasing sales and developing long-term client relationships.  Participants leave ready to begin the first module of their online learning.

Live webinar
This second strategic classroom event provides occasion for guided review of progress, and assessment of current challenges and opportunities.  Generating real results requires commitment and focus.  This session renews both.

Standards of Performance
Online learning & Collaboration
Management cannot legislate productivity.  In contrast, a bottom-up process that generates sales team "buy-in" goes far to develop and communicate performance standards. Driving Sales Beyond shows managers how to effectively develop and communicate a sales strategy process, and related performance expectations to sales team members.

Performance Measurement
Online learning & Collaboration
Salespeople want to know how they are doing on the job, yet over half will tell you they do not know what their manager thinks of their overall performance.  The fact is, if anything is a surprise during the annual appraisal, it is the sales manager and not the salesperson that should be terminated.  Driving Sales Beyond provides tools to achieve continuous performance measurement, insuring that both manager and sales representative are on the "same page."

Motivating the Sales Team
Online learning & Collaboration
Money is not the only motivator!  If your organization is like most, someone on your sales team could leave immediately to earn 20 percent more elsewhere. Why do they stay?  Because needs other than money are being met!  Driving Sales Beyond reveals a measured "mix" of motivating factors that affect productivity and performance for all sales professionals -- from the novice to the seasoned veteran. 

Live webinar
This third strategic classroom event publicly recognizes those individuals who have successfully led their teams to greater performance.  Each participating sales manager provides a “state of the sales effort” presentation for peer and 4th Generation feedback.  This step back from daily work and routine pressures encourages a global perspective that focuses on issues critical to Driving Sales Beyond.

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