Driving Sales Beyond For Distributor Sales Professionals
Course Curriculum

Our clients know that "customer-focus" is more than a buzzword.  Those distributors who excel understand - down to their core - that "customer-focus" is a commitment to their market.  These same clients are results-oriented, and understand that good training effects behavior change that drives improved results.

Our Driving Sales Beyond For Distributor Sales Professionals is not about training.  It is all about results.

Review the three month sales curriculum below and see how the deeper value delivered with our Sustained Learning Platform can become the catalyst you have searched for, to drive your sales beyond what the market is prepared to give.

Course Begins
Live Webinar
We call participants to adopt a consultative sales approach that will drive their sales beyond market averages.  With discussion that surrounds the sales evolution required for selling today, we present an in-depth plan to guide that evolution.  Participants leave:

  • Understanding the importance of objective self-assessment
  • Knowing that they alone are responsible for their sales performance
  • Ready to continue the learning by accessing their first e-learning module

The Customer Needs Analysis
Online learning & collaboration
Simply pitching products no longer works!  Today we must become experts at identifying the customer’s needs from the customer’s point of view.  Driving Sales Beyond supplies a proven road map for successful implementation of an effective Customer Needs Analysis that fosters consultative selling approaches.

Value-Added Sales & Value-Added Selling
Online learning & collaboration
Truthfully, the customer never needs our product.  We cannot set ourselves apart from the competition on the basis of product or price.  How can we differentiate ourselves from the competition?  By focusing on the delivery of real value!  Driving Sales Beyond shows learners how to assess their total value offering, and apply that value to identified customer needs.

Customer-Focused Proposals
Online learning & collaboration
Quotes, contracts and other product-focused documents draw attention to price and neglect all-important value.  Top-producers opt out of the product / price trap by using customer-focused proposals that parallel identified customer needs with customized solutions.

Live webinar
Now is the time for your team to step back, review progress to date, assess current challenges and opportunities, and re-focus member efforts. Generating real results requires commitment and focus.  This session renews both.

Creating Opportunities & Proactive Prospecting
Online learning & collaboration
Realistically, survival in the marketplace demands that we generate new business!  Driving Sales Beyond explores prospecting, earning the right of entry, and the process of generating growth through the proactive creation of new opportunities.

Territory Management
Online learning & collaboration
We teach that “territory” represents a segment of your company’s total dollar potential, and challenge your people to maximize the potential under their care.  We show them how to effectively and proactively manage their territories by developing sales plans, account strategies, call plans and other processes. 

Online learning & collaboration
Good times often camouflage poor performance.  The threat of “Grow or Go” comes not from management, but from today's marketplace!  Driving Sales Beyond reveals the means and methods of achieving efficiency through proactive time management that actually creates more time for selling.

Live Webinar
This third strategic classroom event is the perfect forum to publicly recognize those individuals who have successfully driven their sales to greater performance levels.  Each participant presents a “state of the territory” for peer and 4th Generation feedback.  This step back from daily work and routine encourages a global perspective that focuses on issues critical to Driving Sales Beyond.  Participants leave with renewed accountability, and plans to further drive sales beyond market averages.

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