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If your distribution sales team is selling in the same way they did just 24 months ago you are beginning to lose your business. Learn how to take more from the market than the market is prepared to give by outstrategizing, outmanaging, and outselling your competitors. Click here to get it.

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High Performance Distributor Sales Organizations

4th Generation Systems takes three steps to help your distributor sales organization sell above market averages.  We (1) align your sales force around your company's vision, (2) help you define sales methods that support that vision, and (3) develop your sales team's knowledge, skills and behaviors to "activate" it.  You can tap our resources -- research, speaking, consulting and sales training system's --  to achieve long term sales growth and improved performance. 

Sales Book

Sales Research and Best Practices

Our books, publications, podcasts, blog, and  writings continue to provide thought leadership, research and best practices on sales strategy, sales performance, and sales motivation.
Driving Distributor Sales Beyond Book

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Get an Inside Look at Proven Processes Used by Top Distributors

Dirk Beveridge and Berlin Packaging CEO Andrew Berlin share case studies and proven processes from high performing distributors that you can adopt now.

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Dirk Beveridge Professional Speaker

Relevant, Tailored, and Inspiring Presentations
For more than 20 years as a professional speaker and business consultant, Dirk Beveridge has been winning the hearts and minds of  business and association audiences worldwide.  His inspiring and captivating messages are delivered with passion, energy, and a tell-it-like-it-is flair that's uniquely Dirk.

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Training Investments that Drive Distributor Organic Sales Growth
We apply a systematic technique to retool wholesale distribution  and manufacturer sales teams away from transactional selling toward consultative selling and value added sales. Effective sales force training involves more than mere content delivery. Much more than the traditional "Injection" type sales training we flip traditional training programs 180 degrees.Our training is distinguished by our deep expertise in wholesale distribution, creating high performance sales organizations,  custom developed training content and propietary training followup processes. Our clients' investments in sales force development result in lasting performance improvement, skill development and quantified sales results. 



Strengthening Sales and Marketing Strategies
Our business management consultants help the executive management  of wholesale distributors and manufacturers to identify and distill their goals and vision down through the sales organization to support company culture, build the sales team's commitment and drive the end results in management's strategic plan. We deliver the systems to measure and improve your sales team performance, productivity and results.

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